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Save Time and Money; Be Prepared For Separation Or Divorce!


Divorce and separation can be completely overwhelming.  The paperwork required and the changes in circumstances alone create tremendous physical and emotional upheaval.

When faced with such turmoil, wouldn’t it be comforting to have someone who specializes in gathering and arranging the important information needed in divorce cases?  Someone who can not only help you get ready for your attorney with all the necessary paperwork, but who can also assist in organizing your path beyond separation and/or divorce?

Let me be that someone for you.

I Can Help You …

Gather, organize, and put in order important information on property, investment accounts, debts, insurance and household expenses etc.

  • Develop a personal inventory list and wish list for property division
  • Photograph valuables
  • Attain appraisals
  • Prepare a new budget & expenses
  • Stage a home for sale
  • Organize packing and relocation
  • Interview and select the right attorney

Don’t be caught unprepared.  It could cost you everything!

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